Understand Employees for Greater Profits

The National Sales Academy reported that it had great results with a company called Lexis Nexis who recently completed a training day for their sales team on the use of the DISC behaviour profiling system.

Lexis Nexis group is a corporation providing computer – assisted legal research services and are a market leader in their field.

The DISC profiling system and behavioural research suggests that in a work environment the most effective people are those who understand themselves and their strengths and weaknesss; who are aware of their natural behaviour at work and their natural communication style. By identifying this information in each employee effective strategies can then be developed to better meet the demands of the work environment.

Lexis Nexis were seeking to grow their business success at promotional events and expos even further by improving the cohesion of their sales team. They realise that by better understanding their team members (and by the staff better understanding themselves) greater communication and more productivity can be achieved. This proactive move has also demonstrated the companys commitment to devloping the skills of their employees.

Identifying the behaviourial styles of yourself and your staff means you can better manage your team which will result in increased productivity improved staff retention and more success for your already successful business.

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