Streamlining Your Sales Processes

Streamlining Sales Processes

I remember the good old days of getting up and going to work, having to cold call, follow up old leads, and find referrals to make new sales. Back then it was the only way.

But then along came technology and social media platforms, and the game changed. Completely. The way we need to sell to prospects is now an entirely new and different beast.  

A decade or so ago, when there was a lot less competition, there was a saying among sales people that was, “Get enough ‘no’s and you’ll eventually get a ‘yes’!”

In today’s highly competitive environment, you need now to have a “one chance” mindset if you want to succeed. It means you have to do it right the first time, otherwise your prospect will buy elsewhere. Gone are the days of successful follow up. If they say “no” and don’t buy, in many cases the only way to change their mind is by encouraging an attitude adjustment through your information – but this can be near-impossible if they’ve already said “no” to the sale once.  

The way to avoid this scenario is by streamlining your sales processes and shortening your sales cycle. This can be easily done by focusing on tightening up your qualifications process and using assumptive or prescriptive closing sequences as a follow up to having proved to your prospect that you are the expert and you have unique features or services that competitors do not offer. The key is to ensure you have a minimum of five unique selling points (USPs) and use them in every explanation or demonstration to reduce push back and inspire people to buy effortlessly. 

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