Spring into spring by thinking about how you can make positive changes

We’ve hit spring and there’s something about October in Sydney that I really love! The cold months are over, the sun is coming up earlier, and it seems to be feeling warmer every day.

In spring, many of us wake up out of a winter slumber so the new season provides a valuable opportunity to reflect on what’s currently happening in your business, and to tweak or change directions as needed.

It’s important to put time aside to work solely on your own professional development, so you can identify the personal and professional things in your life that you may like to change. Personally, this is a lesson that took me years and years to fully understand and commit to. I would always see working on myself as a secondary priority, thinking ‘I’ll do it after I finish my preparation’ or after I help someone else, or after I fix this, or after I create that new strategy, or whatever it was. But, once I committed to working on myself on a regular basis, it really made all the difference to the performance of my business. Because the thing is, there will always be something that needs doing, so you can’t wait for there to be a ‘right time’ to invest in your own personal growth and development.

So, how many days off a month to you currently have? And how many days per week do you spend on improving the business, its systems, your delivery processes, your team, and yourself? Additionally, how often do you do things for your health and wellbeing, and that give you joy?

These are simple but important questions, and for many business people, they all rank lower than they should, on the list of priorities. The unfortunate truth is, if we’re stuck in our business, then we can miss out on a lot of opportunities.

The great news is, you can spring into spring (which it is here in Australia) by thinking about how you can make positive changes – both personally and professionally – today! Create a plan, take action and before long, those actions will become habits that reap success.

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