Soft Skills Can Make All The Difference

Soft Skills

I attended a conference recently and thought I’d drop you a quick line.

I always love learning. In fact, I believe the day you stop updating your skills and strategies is the day you stop growing. Do you feel the same? If you’re not regularly updating and learning new ways to improve and increase your results, you may be going backwards – you certainly won’t be moving forwards, or if are it’s most likely not at the same speed as your competitors who are continually re-educating themselves.

One of the key success strategies that were a common thread at this particular conference was to review what you are doing regularly; to update your selling skills and tools, and to learn or improve soft skills and communications skills because this is an area that many businesses have neglected to train in recent times. Some of the comments made by CEO and director presenters that really resonated with me were:

“The technology will look after itself once you know what you use and how to use it…”
“It’s the soft skills that must be learnt and re-enforced if people and business want to maximise the opportunities that technology will create.”

Isn’t that interesting? I absolutely agree, which is why I’ve been saying the same thing for many years now. The secret sauce used to be the hard skills, but these days it’s now the soft skills that can make all the difference, and which the majority of businesses overlook. Soft skills refer to things such as questioning and body language skills; knowing the triggers for decision making; reading eye patterns; using red and green brain strategies; understanding your own and other people’s behaviour styles, including knowing how to adjust yours so you connect with people (which can all be achieved using DISC behaviour analysis skills).

Many people say they need to learn how to create and build rapport and they’re right, as this is a very important skill for salespeople as commonality will open many doors for you, both professionally and personally. The truth is however, most people don’t know how to do it because they haven’t learned the process that will result in rapport. This is why my team and I specialise in teaching the “Process Of 9” to businesses just like yours!

In order to propel your sales to new levels, you need to ensure your team’s communication skills and the sales processes and tools are all up-to-date. Doing so will provide a massive competitive edge because old, outdated techniques will no longer achieve any cut-through with today’s savvy purchasers. Instead, authentic connection combined with people skills and new-age sales processes will increase your conversions.

If you’d like to find out more, then SMS me on 0411212200 – I’d love to hear from you.

PS. If you haven’t streamlined your sales processes in the last 24 months, or if you or your team want to reap the benefits of updated soft skills (the skills that the leading salespeople all over the world use every single day), simply email me and put the word “HELP” in the subject line. One of my team members will then get back in touch with you to work out exactly how we can help you take your business to the next level.
PPS. If you’re not sure what soft skills are then please reach out. We’re here to help! A great place to get started is with our FREE Sales Growth Plan. Click here

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