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How To Plan For And Create Profit From Day 1

This foundation training will set you up for success both now and for the future. It will stop you from winging it and, therefore, increase your value as a sales professional. You’ll learn how to plan each day and week, so you and your team achieve your sales targets and understand how to use your key performance indicators (KPIs) for greater success.

How People Buy And Reducing Objections

This course outlines how selling has changed and why you should use new-age selling skills that shorten the sales cycle, reduce objections and increase your closing rates. You’ll also learn how to stand out in the marketplace by using your unique selling points (USPs) to reduce your need to price drop in order to close more sales.

Meet AND Greet Your Way To More Sales

This is an introduction to some of the soft skills that will help you build rapport so people know, like and trust you quickly, which will then enable you to identify your buyer’s most compelling reasons to purchase.

How To Establish Compelling Reasons To Buy

The art of qualification will make or break your sales. So in this course you’ll discover the two major motivators of human behavior, and understand how they must be used during every presentation in order for you to receive permission to solve your prospects’ problems.

Explanation, Demonstration And Proofing Skills That Make Closing Easy

Explanation, demonstration and proofing skills are some of the most common weaknesses in most sales processes. So in this module, you’ll learn how to create a unique experience that confirms your products or services are the right fit. Plus, you’ll learn how to reduce objections and confirm your prospect wants to buy before you deliver a price presentation.

Inspire A Close And Make More Sales

Closing the sale is what all salespeople are measured on, so if done well it will make a substantial difference to your career and business. So in this module you’ll learn how to test the buying temperature, how to confirm there are no objections, and how to use price presentation sequences that are easy to understand.

Impact Training has been a global leader in sales training for over two decades, and is the longest serving multi-award winning sales consultancy in Australasia, having trained and mentored five clubs/studios of the year. Impact Training was the first training consultancy in the world to successfully combine hard skills (sales processes and techniques) with soft skills (communication techniques), and sales strategies, as a proven way to boost the performance of businesses.

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