Most fitness and leisure organisations focus on their main income source to the detriment of member experiences, variety, income and value.

The 'New Age Retention Strategies That Will Make You More Money’ training program has been separated into 8 short chapters which are easy to do that will teach you how to focus on Secondary Spend Profit Centres and experiences across a variety of services to increase income, reduce the stress of high member numbers and create enhanced value for members resulting in higher yields, increase sales and higher retention.

The training program covers:

Chapter 1

Learn how one of the future trends will be that the primary spend will become the lost leaders and secondary spend will become the major objective and in doing so members and clients will spend more and stay longer. Discover the 4 selling triggers that will make buying easier for prospects.

Chapter 2

Learn the 10 reasons to have a Secondary Spend strategy in your business and discover new KPI’s that you must know and measure to ensure you maximise your sales and yield.

Chapter 3

Learn how to create a Secondary Spend culture that drives higher sales and retention.

Chapter 4

Discover the power of pre framing and how to use this skill during a sales presentation that will increase your primary and secondary spend and learn how to introduce a tertiary spend that increases retention and yield.

Chapter 5

Learn how to create Wow experiences that inspire people to buy and reduces objections. Discover how to differentiate yourself from your competitors so prospects buy on the day and reduce lost sales.

Chapter 6

Discover how to conduct a Turbo Needs conversation that will uncover the compelling reason to buy ALL your solutions.

Chapter 7

Learn how to explain and demonstrate your Club/Studio/Products/Services that will have your prospects asking you to buy on the day. Learn how to use the GAC Strategy that makes buying your secondary spend much easier.

Chapter 8

Learn how to test the buying temperature and confirm your secondary spend before you present your prices. Update your price presentation techniques and use new closing sequences that make conversion much easier for your prospect to understand. Also discover how to drop close so you never miss a sale and reduce your follow up.



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