Has Your Business Become Complacent?


Over the past 12 months it’s become clearer than ever before that businesses and sales professionals have become complacent.
One major shift I’ve noticed is that salespeople are now relying on SMS, autoresponders and funnels to connect with people. Now while you do need to use some of this technology to connect with prospects, when it comes to increasing sales, your results are more likely to be disappointing than impressive.
Automated technology is great for saving you time with some tasks, but when it comes to connecting with people and coaxing them into calling you back or responding to your messages, you’re better off to rely on your soft skills (i.e. communication skills). Remember, you really only get ONE CHANCE to inspire action.
I often hear business and sales people talking about their need to use complex funnels, automation and systems, so they can reduce the number of calls they need to make each day and week. But guess what…?


Sales Fact: When you talk to and see more people, you’ll make more sales.

We live in a time where there is more competition than ever before, so why do what everyone else is doing, which in many cases involves spending lots of money with no return?
Think about your own experiences as a customer. When you want to buy something and you call or try to speak to someone but instead you get a Bot, a recorded message or sent to a website, does it sometimes cause you frustration because all you wanted was to speak to a real person who actually cares and can easily and instantly answer your questions?
The truth is, sometimes we make things a little more complicated than what we need to. Sure, some automation can make things easier and enable you to have time off – just make sure it’s not a part of the processes or systems that need a human touch!
To be successful in sales you need to learn your skills, trust your process, speak to and see more people, update your soft skills, and then enjoy the success you will have earned and deserve!
If you haven’t streamlined your sales processes in the last 24 months or if your team are due to renew their soft skills (the skills that the leading salespeople all over the world use every single day), simply hit REPLY and put the word “HELP” in the subject line. One of my team members will then get back in touch with you to work out exactly how we can help you take your business to the next level.

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