Do You Have A WOW Plan or Strategy?

If you were asked to think about the best day you’ve had in the past six weeks, what would you think of?

What made it so good?
How did it make you feel?
Did you tell people about it?

This is what you need to have your clients saying about you and your business!

We’ve all heard it before: “Under-promise and over-deliver” – but do you?

Think about what you could do, prepare or give to achieve a WOW experience that is memorable and which people will talk about.

Most business or sales professionals don’t have a WOW plan or strategy and instead, they keep doing the same old things that don’t wow people or create memorable impressions.

So here are a few easy WOW ideas:

  • Prepare a ‘Success Plan’ with extra value items and put them in an envelope that would be worth paying for
  • If you have a team who meet and great prospects, ensure they know the names of the people booked in and use their names upon arrival when they welcome them.
  • Ask what drink they enjoy, and have one ready when they arrive, or bring one with you if are going to them.
  • Create a value call or SMS check in because you care. Ask yourself “how can I create value from the time someone enquires, during the sales cycle and post-sale?”. Delivering these ideas will create a WOW culture within your business.
  • During the post-sale period you should have your client fill out a short form with important dates, favourite sports, songs, food, drinks, etc so you can surprise and delight them in the future (Note: Oksana and her team at Impero are experts at creating these type of strategies).

Remember… people buy and take action because of the experiences they have, so if you under-promise and over-deliver you will create WOW experiences that your clients will tell family, friends and work colleagues about; and they’ll talk not just about your product or services but about your WOW factor.

If you’d like some specific help to create WOW strategies for your business, email me and type ‘WOW’ in the subject line. One of my team members will then get back in touch with you to find out exactly how we can help.
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