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How To Work Your Body and Get That Sale

Most of you probably believe that using your body to win sales is unprofessional. Well it’s not. In fact it is underrated and underused. Body language is an integral aspect of selling that is often untapped. Our bodies can accelerate rapport building, and rapport is a crucial step towards gaining the trust of prospects. For…

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Understand Employees for Greater Profits

The National Sales Academy reported that it had great results with a company called Lexis Nexis who recently completed a training day for their sales team on the use of the DISC behaviour profiling system. Lexis Nexis group is a corporation providing computer – assisted legal research services and are a market leader in their…

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What Is Unique About Your Product or Service?

The term USPs (Unique Selling Point) is a commonly used term in sales but Impact Training consultants report that very few businesses use their USPs OR even know their USP’s at all. This seems strange given that your USPs when used in the sales process always increase the closing rate of the sale. We suggest…

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