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Helping people and businesses maximise their income potential through new and most up to date sales techniques combined with the magic of soft skills training.

In this day and age you need to inspire people to make a positive decision to buy your products & services.
The most effective way is to empower you with the most up to date hard skills (sales processes) with the soft skills, which is the missing ingredient with most sales professionals.

Since 1999, The National Sales Academy (NSA) has developed and delivered practical, tried and tested sales and communication training, providing professionals with immediate and impressive sales results. Every time.

Individuals, small businesses and sales teams are shown how to improve their working relationships and enhance their sales performance with our range of engaging courses, which are significantly based on proven human communication methodology.

We strive to provide you with knowledgeable and experienced Mentors who will walk you step by step toward achieving great success. By working with you on your business, and providing you with a sounding board for any challenges you may have - we work with you to fix them.

If in your business you want to sell, rather than take orders; and influence people, rather than just talk to them, then the NSA is where you need to be.


Key Team Members

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Steve Jensen

NSA Founder and CEO
Steve Jensen (also known as “Dr J”) is the Founder and Director of the NSA. Steve’s unique qualifications & accreditation's are highly regarded & his following world renowned.
With over 30+ years delivering in-house and externally-based workshops, training, coaching to help individuals and businesses create a powerful communication system that will help them achieve their true income potential by boosting their sales and self-confidence.

Darren Roberts

Master Trainer and Presenter
Darren Roberts is a master trainer and presenter at the NSA. Using his passion of Sales and Communication Skills Darren is an inspiring Presenter, Trainer and Mentor. His mission is to empower individuals and teams to maximise their income potential by learning how to use effective communication and sales skills that are simple and work.

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