3 Tips For Your Sales Success

Remember when you were a kid and it was your birthday? Or when you were heading off on your first overseas holiday? During those times you’d walk in, look around and think ‘Wow! Where do I go first, what should I see and do first?’ With so many opportunities laid before you, your body buzzes with happiness and joy, and your mind can go crazy with excitement. When the adrenalin is pumping like that and it feels like you can barely contain the energy in your body… those are the feelings that occur when you know good things are about to happen!

If you’re not feeling like that on most days in your life, the question to ask is ‘why not?’

Have you lost the drive, passion or fun from your life? Are you too bogged down in the day-to-day grind, to the point where you just don’t feel like you’re getting your head above water? Or maybe you’re stuck in behaviours, routines or patterns that simply aren’t working for you?

The great news is, with just three small tweaks you could turn it all around – instantly!

Firstly, establish what’s important to you and your team – both personally and professionally – then implement a professional development (PD) plan to meet those needs. Remember, PD shouldn’t all be about business and generating more sales – you need to also focus on personal goals, as this will ultimately also contribute to your team’s ability to achieve targets over the long term.

Secondly, you need to ensure you have systems and updated sales processes in place so that everyone on your team is sufficiently armed with the skills to succeed. The key is to practise them daily and have fun doing so. If you want to re-energise yourself and your team, it’s essential to update your hard and soft skills by learning new strategies and skills that are fun to use, so they’re implemented every day.

Finally, seek out and acknowledge all the effort and wins from among your team; criticism NEVER motivates. Re-enforcement of positive behaviour, however, will always energise and motivate people and will have them wanting to repeat the behaviour. Acknowledging performance is fun for you and your team because once you put personal and team rewards in place, you and your team will look forward to the celebrations. Of course, identifying the wins can only be achieved by measuring activity; by knowing your numbers.

  • So, where do you fall down?
  • What do you need to change?
  • How are you going to change it?

Remember, that excitement, adrenalin and thrill when you have an abundance of opportunities before you can be felt every single day if you want it. But only you can make it happen.

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