What Is Unique About Your Product or Service?

The term USP’s (Unique Selling Point) is a commonly used term in sales but Impact Training consultants report that very few businesses use their USP’s OR even know their USP’s at all.

This seems strange given that your USP’s when used in the sales process always increase the closing rate of the sale.

We suggest that need at least a minimum of 10 USP’s that all your team right across your business need to be clear on and use in every communication with prospective and current clients.

Here are some examples to get you started:

We were the first to……

We are the only supplier that…..

Our product / service is only available in Australia through us….

Remember that USP’s MUST be unique to you and you must be able to validate the statement to your market.

All the team need to clear about your USP’s and use them in all communication especially when promoting your product and/or service.

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