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I did one of your courses with Sandi, Peter and Annette. At the time i thought it was good, over time i have found just how brilliant it was. I have always had a passion for sales and training.

With my own business and working in the sales industry for over 20 years. I have taken your course and redefined it for our business and even in the down turn wehave seen success through implementing the principles and practices taught through the course.

I never really got to thank Peter, Sandi and Annette and of-course your company.

Anoop Anchal, Shirt Studio

Thank you so much for two great days of training and inspiration. There wasn’t a minute of it which didn’t feel useful. Even choosing a time to go to the toilet was difficult as there really wasn’t a moment

where you could say ‘yeah this is a good time I know what he is going to say so I can go now’. Brilliant.

Miguel Cuevas, Director/Chef


2 Easy Telecom"With a background in sales, I initially approached the Sales Mastery Course as a way to refresh and reaffirm my existing sales skills. What I received was an intense training course offering customised strategies and techniques that I had never used before. The presenters spent a great deal of time ensuring that I was given the right tools to implement these processes into my business.


Results were immediate and not just limited to sales. Our relationships are based on an understanding of body language, personality traits and the ability to approach all types of people accordingly. Presentations to clients and potential clients have completely changed. Where we used to present based on how we were comfortable personally, we now tailor these meetings with an understanding of what the client’s specific behavioural type would best suit.

The NSA's Behavioural Profiling Disc is now also a solid part of our recruiting system. We are able to effectively employ the proper people for specific roles based on these teachings. This has saved us a great deal of time and money investing in employees who can’t come through, simply because they are not suited to the position"

Katy Rowden, Managing Director, 2easy Telecom

Job Serve"I needed a change from ten years of working in Hospitality and fell into a job that was reliant on sales and prospecting skills. After meeting the NSA team at a business expo that our company was involved in, I enrolled into Sales Mastery. The course gave me practical and effective techniques on how to manage any sales situation.

Rather than pitch aimlessly, I was taught how to build relationships with potential customers that made me aware of their needs before mine. Within months I was able to see the results, my confidence was through the roof and my conversion rate had increased by over 20% in the first two months. I would highly recommend the NSA to companies who are focused on getting the best possible result from their sales team."

Stefan Villalobos, Account Manager, JobServe

Bike Addiction"After 13 years experience in Sales with plenty of reading on the topic, I must admit what I learnt at the NSA blew me away. After meeting them at a business expo I spoke to my employer about the benefits of enrolling me. Previously I was training staff based on my own experiences and those shared with me by others. I never had an issue with confidence but I was not assured that what I was teaching was the best solution.

Without a doubt Sales Mastery has improved the way that I not only train employees but has also enhanced the business’s sales, communication and recruitment success. I am now 100% sure that I am giving staff the best possible tools to succeed. I am able to identify the best candidates for roles through the Behavioural Profiling Disc by the NSA and I have a heightened sense for those around me "

Bradley Prescott, Manager, Bike Addiction

From Corporate Enterprises

Mazda"The NSA approached us with an idea to roll out a tailored training course for Mazda sales consultants across Australia. We had previously identified a need for sales training and after meeting with the NSA team, we knew they were the perfect people for the job.

Over 100 Mazda sales consultants from across the country took part in the program. Feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive. Many of those who participated felt the skills taught by the NSA were invaluable to their role and easy to implement in any scenario. Increased sales confidence was the first result, an overall boost in sales averages quickly followed. Any company that wants its sales team to consistently use a methodology that works, should definitely be talking to the NSA."

Simon Weller, Learning and Development Manager, MAZDA Australia



Australian Institute of Fitness"Initially I went to the NSA to help with my role at the time as Campus General Manager (I am now Training Captain). The job was a mix of operations and sales coaching. With a strong operations background I was confident in my management ability but having never received formal sales training I was concerned the skills I had were too limited.

The NSA trainers went out of their way to ensure I had the most effective strategies to instruct, build momentum and constantly motivate my team. I am now confident in coaching and am able to help team members in any sales situation. The lessons I learnt in Sales Mastery have also translated into my new role as Training Captain. I am a more confident decision maker, a clearer communicator and a captain who leads by example."

Gayle Brimble, Training Captain NSW/ACT, Australian Institute of Fitness

Christie Offices"Christie Corporate is Australia’s largest owner of premier office suites with over 1,000 suites nationwide. Training with Petar has made a dramatic difference within our businesses. By working closely with our senior executive management team, customer service and sales staff we’ve improved our strategic planning, levels of service, sales and communication. Petar is a dynamic trainer who has made a dramatic improvement in our business. "

Christie Corporate

Camp Eden"Camp Eden is Australia’s leading holistic health retreat, which has been established for the last 20 years. We have seen our phone sales figures more than triple in as little as two months, simply by applying the strategies taught to us by Petar. I can highly recommend the dynamic Petar Lackovic and his team to any one who is interested in making major break throughs within their business."

Camp Eden


Australian Fitness Network"As an Account Manager it is my duty to control activity and ensure that we are able to measure our success and short comings. Previous to Sales Mastery we did not have formalised sales processes, our techniques were old and our approach was aimless. The NSA enabled me to put a process tailored to our industry in place, which measures everything from outgoing and incoming calls to meetings and researched prospects. We now have valuable data and are able to create reports that identify peak performers and those who may need extra support.

Sales have increased as a result of the NSA’s systems and we now induct and train staff based completely on the manual provided by the NSA."

Ryan Hogan, Sales Manager, Australian Fitness Network



Vision Personal Training"Last year I decided to enrol in the Sales Mastery course after the value I received from implementing skills taught by the NSA in their presentations at various conferences. I spent years basing all my sales strategies on the tips I had learnt through those seminars and finally decided to engage in the extensive course.

The NSA taught me the power of communicating correctly to current and potential clients. Developing rapport through the strategies I was taught has enabled me to communicate my service as a long term investment to clients, keeping them up to 50% longer.

For business owners looking to build a service based business there is nothing more important than developing consistent systems and sales processes. The cost of the course was paid for after only one or two sales but the advantages just keep going. The NSA provided industry specific solutions that I will be using for many years to come."

Andrew Simmons, Franchise Founder, Vision Personal Training


Crowd Goes Wild Dear National Sales Academy,

I am compelled to express my excitement and appreciation for all I have gained, from attending your Sales Mastery Course in 2009.

Ironically, my career was never in sales. Following a staff redundancy in September ’08 after 20 years in copywriting and marketing, I came to the NSA for guidance on a hobby business which I suddenly had time to focus on.

It wasn’t long before I realised that Sales is Mastered through so much more than selling. From professional communication skills; learning about why people behave the way they do and how to successfully motivate them, to the art of qualification and presentation, my learning curve at Sales Mastery was so steep it went vertical.

I don’t believe that there are many Copywriters out there who after 20 years in the industry, would admit that they have something to learn. I’m happy to, because what I have learned has changed the way I write.  I was already a successful Creative; I made a career out of it. But by applying behavioural and motivational strategies to my communication and rationale,
I have enjoyed even greater success in delivering the product to my client and to their customers. In fact, I’m almost in two minds about sharing what I know with other writers, because I feel like I know something they don’t. I know I can deliver a better result.

The first time I actually applied the full tour and price presentation to a client, I closed her so easily, I nearly fell off my chair. For those who preach that you need to be a certain aggressive “type of person” to sell, I no longer agree.

If I were to list all that I have gained, then this would be more a chapter than a letter.

Sales Mastery has changed the way I present. It has given me confidence in areas I never considered my expertise and provided me with a firm foundation from which to develop my own small business.

And finally, thanks to the NSA sales coaches who lead the course; all successful in their own right, hugely motivated and enthusiastic Mentors. They are proof, that by faithfully applying the Mastery Formula, you can live the difference between being a good sales person and an amazing sales professional.

Thanks again for your expertise and your support. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Lisa Burton - http://www.crowdgoeswild.com