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Sales Mastery Program Online

Sales Mastery Online - Coming Soon!

Sales Mastery is for the person who wants to be a Master of Selling that earns more and is committed to becoming a major achiever in their chosen career in sales. Sales Mastery will teach you the skills required to be in the top 5%.

You will take back to the work place cutting edge techniques on how to overcome objections, effective ways to create a referral business, as well as how to manage not only yourself but also others by utilising one of the key success ingredients of Sales and Lead Management.

Sales Mastery WILL give you the competence and confidence that will make you a sales professional in high demand. You will become a Master Communicator that will make a massive difference to a company's bottom line.

The ABC's To Selling Anything

  • Learn selling essentials that increase sales
  • Learn how to create a good first impression
  • Learn the FBF selling formula
  • Learn the eight steps to selling More!

Professional Communication Skills (DISC)

  • Understand logical v/s emotional selling
  • Recognise the four (4) behaviour styles
  • Learn how to build MASSIVE rapport
  • Learn how to USE behaviour types to increase sales

The Art of Qualification (80% of selling)

  • Learn pre chat skills that increase sales
  • Establish a solid foundation for closing
  • Reduce objections before presenting prices
  • Learn how to create REAL buying emotions

Test Closing & Price Presentation Technique

  • Learn the power of test closing & the rule of 25
  • Ensure confidence when asking for the money
  • Reduce your businesses lost sale percentage
  • Increase your sales by using a diagrammatical price presentation

In Coming Call Mastery

  • Learn the 4 steps of effectively taking an incoming phone inquiry
  • Increase the amount of QUALIFIED presentations that buy
  • Increase your appointments show percentages
  • Learn how to use the phone to maximize your sales

How To Close More Sales

  • Learn how to ask for the sale with confidence
  • Ensure confidence when asking for the money
  • Learn how to increase your closing percentage
  • Learn easy to use closing strategies & techniques

Reducing & Overcoming Objections

  • Learn how reduce objections before they come up
  • Learn how to identify a real objection
  • Learn the IF Strategy that will overcome most objections
  • Learn how to deal with Money, Time, Think About It, and other objections

Prospecting & Out Going Call Strategies

  • Increase income and profit with referrals
  • Learn how to ask for referrals at point of sale
  • Learn easy to use referrals strategies and techniques
  • Learn how to be pro-active & make the most of marketing campaigns

People Skills That Increase Sales (NLP)

  • Learn the art of matching and mirroring
  • Learn how to use body language to build MASSIVE rapport
  • Learn how to establish the buying patterns of your prospect
  • Learn how to professionally control & lead with questions

Sales & Lead Management

  • Learn the management formula to plan & confirm for good income days
  • Learn how to use data to isolate your own and your teams selling challenges
  • Learn lead management techniques that increase your income & company's profit
  • Maximise your true income potential


With a background in sales, I initially approached the Sales Mastery Course as a way to refresh and reaffirm my existing sales skills. What I received was an intense training course offering customised strategies and techniques that I had never used before. The presenters spent a great deal of time ensuring that I was given the right tools to implement these processes into my business.

Results were immediate and not just limited to sales. Our relationships are based on an understanding of body language, personality traits and the ability to approach all types of people accordingly.

Katy Rowden, Managing Director, 2easy Telecom


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